IBDP Faculty

For more information about the IB Diploma Programme, please contact:

IBDP Academy Principal
Dr. Kenyae Reese

IBDP Coordinator and Teacher
Mrs. Missy Humphrey

IBDP School Counselor
Ms. Candace Ogilvie

IBDP Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) & Extended Essay Coordinator and Teacher
Mr. Scott Bennett (11th grade)
Mr. Scott Wofford (12th grade)

IBDP Academy Lead Teachers
Ms. Shelly Wilkinson
Mr. Scott Bennett (11th grade)

Below is a listing of IBDP and AP teachers.  Click on the name of the teacher for email address.

Emilie Armstrong
Pre-IB World History

Mr. Adrian Bahan
AP Human Geography (schoology – need code)
Tennessee History
Rm. 207

Mr. Scott Bennett
IB English Language and Literature III
IB Theory Of Knowledge (Year 1)
(schoology – need code)
Twitter @mrbennettsclass @HillsboroIBDP
Rm. 213

Melissa Buchanan
IB French IV and V
Rm. 203

Ms. Amanda Davoli
Personal and Professional Skills
IB Approaches to Learning I and II (for IBCP students)
IB Business and Management I and II
Rm. 159

Ms. Emarie Elliot
IB Spanish IV and V
Rm. 201

Ms. Janelle Ganske
IB Music I and II
Rm. 120

Mrs. Briena Harmening
IB Visual Art I and II
Rm. 145

Ms. Missy Humphrey
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator
IB Math Studies II
Rm. 202

Ms. Dana Middlebrook
IB Chemistry III
Rm. 114

Mrs. Kristin Moon
IB Theatre Arts I
IB Theatre Arts II
Rm. 210

Jordan Napier
IB French Ab Initio I
IB French Ab Initio II
Rm. 107

Dr. Shreyas Patel
IB Sports, Exercise, and Health Science I and II
IB Biology

Rm. 229

Ms. Ashley Raby
IB Math Studies I
Rm. 127

Sarah Ray
IB Sports, Exercise, and Health Science I
Rm. 116

Sarah Rucker
AP Spanish IV
Rm. 111

Mr. William Russell
IB Physics and Physics II & III
Rm. 137

Melissa Stugart
AP English Comp
Rm. 126

Mr. Paul Troy
IB History of the Americas I
AP US History
Rm. 200

Mrs. Shelly Wilkinson
IB Math SL I and II
IB Math HL I and II
Rm. 204

Ms. Alison Palumbo
IB English Language and Literature IV
(schoology – need code)
Rm. 215

Mr. Scott Wofford
IB History of the Americas II
IB Theory of Knowledge II
Rm. 208