IBDP Faculty

For more information about the IB Diploma Programme, please contact:

IBDP Academy Principal
Dr. Kenyae Reese

IBDP Coordinator and Teacher
Mrs. Missy Humphrey

IBDP School Counselor
Ms. Candace Ogilvie

IBDP Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) & Extended Essay Coordinator and Teacher
Ms. Kristin Moon (11th grade)
Mr. Scott Wofford (12th grade)

Below is a listing of IBDP and AP teachers.  Click on the name of the teacher for email address.

Emilie Armstrong
Pre-IB World History

Mr. Adrian Bahan
AP Human Geography 

Mr. Joseph Nettles
IB English Language and Literature III

Melissa Buchanan
IB French IV and V

Ms. Emarie Elliot
IB Spanish IV and V

Mrs. Briena Harmening
IB Visual Art I and II

Ms. Missy Humphrey
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator
IB Math Studies II

Mrs. Kristin Moon
IB Theatre Arts I
IB Theatre Arts II
IB Theory of Knowledge I

Austin Thayer
IB French Ab Initio I
IB French Ab Initio II

Dr. Shreyas Patel
IB Sports, Exercise, and Health Science I and II

Ms. Ashley Raby
IB Math Studies I

Mr. Darrell Hardin
IB Biology II
IB Biology III

Sarah Rucker
AP Spanish IV

Mr. William Russell
IB Physics and Physics II & III

Lesa Cook
AP English Comp

Mr. Paul Troy
IB History of the Americas I
AP US History

Mrs. Shelly Wilkinson
IB Math SL I and II
IB Math HL I and II

Ms. Alison Palumbo
IB English Language and Literature IV

Mr. Scott Wofford
IB History of the Americas II
IB Theory of Knowledge II